patent leather men's shoes Wearing cream trousers and a tobacco jacket

patent leather men's shoes

In the last month, I was tempted to wear my tobacco-lined jacket separately at the BTBA celebration. patent leather men's shoes It's part of a suit, of course, but it was commissioned from Sastreria Langa in Madrid with a 'shirt' sleeve and pockets for patchwork to make it casual enough to wear it on its own. The jacket is the primary thing to choose. Next, on to the pants. Although the linen (from Scabal) is a powerful colour, it's also mid-tone and is not light or that dark. patent leather men's shoes This means that it needs trousers that are either light or dark to achieve enough contrast. Lining was also omitted. patent leather men's shoes Most of the time the same fabric would look odd as both a jacket and an apron.

elevator casual shoes

I tried cream gabardine, pale-grey fresco, and tan cotton. The latter two both worked (tan is too similar in tone) however cream gabardine was chosen solely because the gorgeous Anderson & Sheppard trousers don't appear to be worn often. Gabardine in particular, especially cream, is formal and are not often worn to workplace. Blue shirt (white is difficult to differentiate from trousers); cream socks; Tan Stefano Bemer Oxfords (the default for cream pants, unless spectators are permitted). There were a variety of choices with the tie, but this fresh green worked particularly nicely with the tobacco colour of the jacket as well as the outdoors, summer setting. patent leather men's shoes The tie that was printed is wool (from Shibumi) which makes everything informal. Height Increasing Shoes patent leather men's shoes (Printed silk can work with an oddly-styled jacket, but you need to be careful not to make the look of being too formal.) The yellow silk handkerchief from Rubinacci, performed a supporting role despite its fairly strong colour. The second silk would have been far too strong for the tie and jacket. The whole outfit was too light and heavy. The cream-colored yellow with a little yellow in it feels more like it is echoing the pants than making its own statement. I am of the opposite view of boutonnieres. patent leather men's shoes They could be much stronger or unusual in colour because of their tiny dimensions. This is a basic white bouquet, but you can use flowers of a purple or pink when it's too big for the handkerchief. patent leather men's shoes You can read more about that in a separate post. Overall, it's a pretty basic outfit, but a satisfying match to the event and the use of the tobacco linen. (Incidentally I have had some problems in my Langa suit. patent leather men's shoes The shoulders are still not right and Graham Browne will need to make them again. Also, the pockets have gotten puckered from the seams that are fused. patent leather men's shoes The color is still gorgeous however, I'm not very impressed by how it has worn.)

patent leather men's shoes